Foundation Repairs and Permeation Grouting 

 Foundation repairs.

There are many types of foundation failure

The foundations could crack , sink ,They 

could have lifted or moved due to pressure from obstructions that have been placed or have grown to close 

 Even poor workmanship could cause failure of the foundation and also if the wall design has been changed then extra load pressure could cause failure of the foundations    

Some of the common causes are:

- tree roots under foundation.

- Poor compaction at construction stage.

- Undermining around foundation due to water leaks,  Causing movement.

- Construction works  nearby

- Drainage problems.

Change in wall design placing extra load on foundations




IMG_6762 (1).JPG

Soil Permeation  and injection repairs

If the soil or sand  below the foundation is weak or loose,  then the concrete foundation can crack or sink .

This will result in the structural integrity of the walls or building becoming  weakened 

and cracks will develop

We offer the following  systems of repair:

Soil Permeation injection repairs.

Soil permeation is used to rectify and prevent issues on:

- Proposed building and excavation sites.

- Swimming pools.

- Buildings with foundation problems.

- Boundary walls.

- Structures in need of foundation strengthening.

Underpinning foundations.

For strength and support.

Grout injection.

The grout injection system is used to lift concrete floors and walls

Also to fill voids that may be have developed under the concrete causing movement and sinking creating  structural concerns

Foundation  underpinning.

- Lifts concrete foundations that have dropped and are causing cracking and alignment issues,

Also underpinning to stop house cracks and wall failures 


Sinking foundations in building before underpinning work before and after pictures


Chemical grout injection work

Chemical grout injection work and wall stitching repairs