This brick wall was ready to fall. We re aligned the wall and underpinned the foundations and stitched the wall together

Brick fretting and Mortar repairs 


One of the causes of fretting bricks is due to salt contamination, Sometimes the water has a high salt content and this attacks the bricks causing them the perish over time.


There  could be other reasons why bricks and mortar start to show signs of fretting .

If cement content in the mortar mix is low then the mortar starts to wear down over time and the bricks become loose,


This causes the surrounding bricks to become loose and the integrity of the wall becomes an issue 


There are a number of ways to repair fretting bricks and mortar.


One way is to replace each brick with new and also re point the walls were needed,

If the wall has developed cracks then the cracks could be repaired by replacing the cracked bricks with new or stitching the wall in place with the HELIFIX stitching system.

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Brick wall cracked and need of repairs